What Can Video Do For Your Dealership?

John Castleberry
VSEO (Video Search Engine Optimization) is rapidly becoming the most cost effective way to create brand awareness and get the message about your dealership out to your consumers. The reason it is so effective is because you are in front of the consumer while they are looking for someone to do business with as opposed to traditional forms of exposure you are not. Here are the top 5 reasons to be using VSEO. Video is the most engaging form of media,customers are more apt to watch a video than read text,video garners more exposure because each video is essentially its own website,search engines prefer rich media,video is the most cost effective means of advertising.
Fawaad Hashmi
I agree that digital video initiatives are a great way to captivate prospective buyers and garner new exposure.
Mike Stoner
Here's an example of what we're doing at Bill Pierre Ford and Chevrolet in Seattle. With this we know instantly when the video has been viewed and how many times it's been viewed. We get stats on percentages of video's viewed and lot's more. We can record videos once and use them in our CRM for any type of campaign you can imagine. Since we started using this product our closing percentages and gross per car has gone up substantially. Our internet originated deals are some of the highest grossing deals in the dealerships. Here's the link to the company providing the program followed by a link to a sample of what we send out. http://www.quickvidconnect.com then the sample video http://www.vidmails.com/playback.php?pl=NTQwMzNlYmMxMGFhYjZiOGI1NWViY2JiOTU5NjY5YTM2YzNmMj&crmid=1

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