What do you guys post on social?

Victoria Dillabough

Do you typically post vehicles/new product? 

Videos vs pictures?

Or do you  use social as more of a "brand builder"? 

Brian Hudson

Victoria, not to hijack your thread as a vendor, but I'm curious what Social Media we should be using.  We are using Social to just get the word out about what we do.  There's not really anyone doing single point of contact software along with consultation so we are mainly using LinkedIn and Twitter.  I'm not sure that Instagram, Snapchat, FB, or Tick Tok are good platforms for us as an automotive vendor.  Just had our initial call with Driving Sales on their media packet.

To add to your post, Dealerships should consider using Video to build rapport with customers like taking them on a tour of the dealership or service dept.

Chris K Leslie

We post all types of stuff. New inventory and specials, happy customers, reposts of cool cars we find on social, employee highlights etc. check us out @hendersonchevy on Instagram. 

Caleb Niemi

We use it mainly as a brand builder. Customer photos, video walk around of vehicles, new information. I have found that it is a good way to keep our customers engaged and more likely to be repeat customers.

Kimberly Vo

We use both Instagram and Facebook for a few reasons. If we have editorials that are educational, we share them on Facebook. We have events with our employees and post pictures of us having fun to seem a little more "human." 

We also post positive announcements from our clients. If we have any new products, we also mention it on social media. If there are any questions from clients or potential clients, we do respond to them to show more engagement.

Justin Threatt

Victoria, we have found that video has worked best for our dealership clients, however, it has to stand out. Too many dealerships post similar things. Car walk arounds, hot sales, customer reviews, etc. This will help provide information to viewers who are hot leads and are researching your dealership, but it doesn't generate future buyers. Before you post ask this: what makes my post stand out? If you are able to stand out with quality, innovation, etc. you will build your brand while bringing in more customers. 

You can also advertise on social media to drive potential clients to your website and/or into your dealership. This can get tricky though, but I can tell you this. I highly recommend that you DO NOT boost your posts. There is a more cost-effective and efficient way to advertise on Facebook, Instagram, etc. The option to boost posts is there for your convenience, but overall is not effective.

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