What do you think is CarGurus Long Term Plan and How should we feel about it ?

Aaron Warner
I have noticed CarGurus is now hiding the clients contact info and deciding when we have contacted them enough. This concerns me. I know the founder also founded a major travel shopping website. Any thoughts or insights?
Christopher Murray
Aaron, I do not get involved with third party lead providers but not for the reason you might think. Treatment, speed, consistency and information are my key offerings to anyone that contacts my web site and Third Party lead providers do none of those items well. Also most customers do not drop their name to only one third party lead provider, they use several and the customer still reaches pot to local dealer's web sites AND they physically visit dealerships all the while the Lead Generator is attempting to sell you and many others the name and contact information. Maybe these Third Party Lead Generators have a place in some business models but how do you feel when you run an expensive promotion on a specific type of vehicle or program and to then be contacted by the Third Party guys asking to be paid for two, three or more of YOUR sales?
Aaron Warner
I feel like CarGurus is different from other lead providers in a negative way. They seem extremely dealer hostile and we can't ignore that they are rapidly gaining influence and spending large amounts of money in the digital market. They were named one of the top 10 growing companies two consecutive years. I feel like they have an end game in mind and I haven't identified it. They route leads through an email server that doesn't provide the clients email address so they decide when you have followed up enough and cease your ability to. Your inventory is on their site and they don't hesitate to call it a bad deal with no idea of the condition and sometimes not even recognizing special trim levels like a trailblazer SS for instance. I am looking for other perspectives on this. I heard they get their feed from cars.com but haven't seen anything to solidly confirm it.
Robert Pierce
I know where car gurus are going..... It is the best thing for the consumer and the worst thing for old school dealers who cannot adapt and evolve. Great for owners and horrible for sales ppl. They are unlikely their get there without help. JUST SAYING! Also their method of acquiring inventory and contracts is ass backwards. No they do not get their inventory from cars.com which I heard is for sale (3 billion). Check dealer.com or other partnerships.
Jim Bell
Cargurus is getting to the point where you have to pay to play since they are hiding customer info on their 'free listings.' From what I can tell, you have approx 10 attempts to make contact with the customer before the email anon.cargurus goes dead and says that they have received too many emails. We had a free trial where we were getting all of the customer info and we didn't see an increase in close rate.
Megan Barto
We went on their "Free Trial" & received the premium contact information. Most of the leads were from far away (like WAAAAAAAY far away). We've actually had better results with the free leads! They're more in our market, and we have better contact rates with them!

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