What Features Do You Need/Want Out Of Your Website?

Amy Cogar
Always looking to expand and improve, AutoCorner wants to meet the demand. What kind of demands do you have out of our website? Is your provider meeting it? What would you like to see done for you and your website?
Chris K Leslie
What kind of demands should I have? Do you think that web providers out there are meeting those demands? What should I be looking for?
mark rask
The ability to change quickly
Taylan Yu
It would be powerful for dealers to have the ability to create popup campaigns / landing pages with a inciting call to action process.
Dealer Apex
What should you expect from your website Hmmm Let's see. First and foremost it must be easy to use for the customer and dealer, second it must have the information that customers are looking for, third and most important it must have a solid platform for Google, Bing and Yahoo and there must be a SEO strategy with that platform. There are so many dealers out there that want the best looking website in the world, they spend thousands of $$$ on it to get it just the way they want it but it turns out to be so confusing to customers they just leave. They would love to have fireworks coming from the screen displaying" I WANT YOU" The end result new website same return. What good is a website if no one can find it? What good is a website if it is confusing and hard to navigate? What good is a website if you don' have the information people are looking for? Answer: NO GOOD. Love to hear your comments.
Amy Cogar
@Chris: I think as a marketer you should demand the best. What is it that your goals are and how can you meet them? That is what your website should be doing for you. Insofar as are they able to meet those demands, you'll never know unless you challenge providers to expand. At AutoCorner the vast majority of our expansion was largely based on the feedback and needs of those customers of ours who told us what they needed, how we WEREN'T meeting their demands, and what WE needed to do in order to meet them. I worked for a dealership for about 15 years as a digital marketing manager and I can tell you right now that having 6 services that collectively meet your needs is not the ideal. Having one service to be able to take care of you, that's where it's at, but you have to be proactive in how the service provider can adapt. @DealerApex: I'm inclined to agree with every point you make. I think flashy can be easily mistaken for "quality" and, honestly, the more complex designs I've seen load slower, have more "clogging up" the works and no amount of good SEO can fix a bad design if it takes it forever and a day to load, let alone operate.

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