What if you were forced to become a donation only business? What would you haev to change to live by donations?

Jonathan Dawson

There are hundrerds of mulit-million-dollar organizations which serve tens of thousands of people, and do so on donations only. This non-profit model works for radio broadcasts, charities, churches, and organizations that support networks of specific groups.

Imagine for a moment if your entire business model depended on the goodwill of the people you are serving/selling. What if customers were given the true cost, and they simply chose to give you a percentage, or an amount they felt was consistent with the service promised or provided.

What, if anything, would we need to chnge if the customer was COMPLETELY controlling our profit?

Chris K Leslie

I like to say that I am not a non-profit organization. I like to get paaaaaaaaiiiiid... 

Now, i'm not saying that there isn't good to be had out there in the world through not for profits or by not for profits. However, I am not interested in playing in that league. 


Jonathan Dawson

The question isn't one of, "would you like to be a "non-profit", but what would you have to -change if you were one. And by the way, "non-profit" isn't the same as "non-income-generating". Many non-profits generate MILLIONS of dollars in revenue. And non-profit employees can earn into the MILLIONS in salaries and bonuses. 


The goal is to ask, "What if we had to create RAVING FAN ADVOCATES in order for people to choose to give us profit?" A non-profit exists at the will of the people, because they support it and choose to see it succeed. A business creates a product or service to fill a need and then "charges" people to use/get the product or service.


The mindset of customers, and supporters is completley different. One is a consumer, the other is an advocate.

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