What is a good % Read and % Reply rate on follow up email templates

Shannon Hammons
I actually hate templates. They are not personal, and they make the customer feel unimportant. Just my opinion.
Jasen Rice
Shannon, what is your % read to % reply on your custom emails? I do agree that all new leads and replies get a custom email but for follow up emails on the 70%+ that don't get back with you I think templates are good to follow up with them. But to give you an example I have some templates that get open rates ranging from 42%-64% with reply rates ranging from 31%-47%, you can go to http://lotpop.com/results.html to see a resent screen shot of a report out of Vinsolutions that show the results. I believe this is a pretty high open and reply rate, but I don't have anything to compare it to, so do you have any numbers on your emails?
Michael Bilson
Jasen: I am an old BDC Manager with 15 years in the industry. I rarely see less than 50-60% engagement (leads that actually replied to an email, not just opened) working with AVA. The reason often has a lot to do with CRM deliverability. With all the attachments and hyperlinks that often go from our CRM emails, often times our message never even hits the in-box. Often its not the message...its just that it is never seen. If what you seek is a higher engagement rate with your leads and follow up with each and everyone, I would encourage you to look at the best possible candidate for your Internet or BDC department. That would be AVA of course as she works 24/7, stops the clock, sources your leads correctly, parses out dupes and reports on everything from what lead source engages to customer feedback on your sales team. Feel free to reach out.
Mike Stoner
Read and reply rates are irrelevant if the close rate is weak. http://vid.us/t2spgl

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