What is everyone doing for direct mail?

Stan Sher
Great question. Another important question is, "how is the dealership preparing their phones to be handled in conjunction with the direct mail piece?"
Dan Ferguson
Sales follow up is key...good point Stan. There are some great direct mail programs out there now that focus not only on driving showroom traffic, but qualified online traffic as well. Not everyone that receives the piece will be in market now...so sales follow up is paramount. When you can drive recipients of the direct mail piece online and give them a reason to reveal themselves to you (top dollar for trade, bonus cash, incentive for online test drive), then you'll get more contacts and leads to work with. If you drive traffic online for lead generation, make sure the vendor provides an online manifest of leads for follow up. AT the very least, these phone and email leads should be routed to and segmented within the dealer CRM. Direct mail is becoming smarter as technology evolves...if it is to stay in a dealer's ad mix...it HAS to.
Cindy Thompson
What about e-blasts? How is everyone handling this form of direct mail and is it working for you?
Dan Rondeau
Email marketing is another great line of communication between the dealership and the customers, and the best of all, it is inexpensive. But like any marketing message, you need to make sure you are getting the right message to the right person at the right time.
Brad Hensley
I use SendOutCards ( https://www.sendoutcards.com/bradhensley/ ) It's extremely easy to create templated cards like 'Thank You' and "Happy Birthday" etc... easy to upload your bulk file of addresses and send out hundreds of cards each month for a low cost.
Brad Hensley
**It's also easy to create folders and groups for your contacts so you can target who to send to.

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