What is the average size of a dealer's CRM database (# records)?

Susan Burke
I am doing some market sizing and would like to know what the average size of a dealer's CRM is - based on number of records. Thank you!
Megan Barto
It all really depends on several factors - how long has the store been in business, if it was a buy/sell, did you get the previous dealer's records imported into your CRM. If you switched CRM's, did you import your data from your old CRM Into your new one? It also depends on how big is your market area, how much marketing do you do outside of your ASA to capture customers? It also depends on how many units a month the dealership delivers. I don't think there's really a way to say what the size of an "average" CRM database is. My store that hasn't even been in business 3 years yet has about 13,500 customers, and my store which has had the same CRM for about 7 years has about 46,000 customers. Hope this helps!
Susan Burke
Thank you Megan!!
Megan Barto
You bet! If you can think of any specific questions, please let me know! :-)
Shaun Weissman
We've been using the same CRM for almost 10 years now and we have just over 100,000 names in it. Hope this helps.. Any other questions let me know. Thank you
mark rask
We have about 30000

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