What is the Best Social Management Platform?

Eric Miltsch
Russ - excellent question. Let's start with the simple, basic, duct-tape solution - this would be for the person with little to no budget to spend & still have the ability to manage your social profiles: Snap together Google alerts, Hootsuite and Buffer and you'll have enough firepower to push, schedule, listen and respond. If you're someone with multiple accounts (more than 3), multiple brands/locations and just need more firepower, I would build consider those platforms you mentioned above but I would also add the following platforms to the mix for consideration: http://goso.com/ http://www.wildfireapp.com/ http://sproutsocial.com/ http://www.spredfast.com/ https://www.postling.com/ (Long time user of this platform - very happy with it) All of these platforms will do a wonderful job of managing your efforts regarding creation, listening and analyzing the activity, however the key factors to your success is the content strategy you create - the tools alone won't do it for it. (When I started builded the digital activity for ADUSA I was only using Google alerts and the desktop version of twitter, facebook and our blog) Would love to hear from others regarding the tools they've used as well. (A future forum thread should dive into the content strategy element!)
Russ Chandler
Those are all great comments and suggestions. I personally have been using Hootsuite and Heyo, which use to be Lujure. I've used WildFire for single campaigns before but it isn't the best for someone on a budget. I've also had experience with Sprout Social which I think has the best analytics dashboard I've seen so far. I'm surprised no one has an all-in-one option where you can manage Facebook, Twitter and Google+ from one platform. When I say manage I mean you should be able to create content( and run campaigns), schedule posts and see in-depth analytics. Any idea of any one offering such a platform or why no one has done it yet? It is just way to much for anyone self-managing to have that many different places to go just to carry out your social marketing. Even the guys that are operating on a hybrid relationship with a vendor, they coordinate some of the marketing and the vendor does the leg work or content creation. It would seem to make more since for a single dashboard to be available that both the vendor and client log into. I'm fortunate enough to be in the loop on a possible platform like this and was asked my opinion for how valuable a product would be. So far I'm leaning towards it being very valuable and was hoping to either get a different perspective here or support for mine. Thanks for the comments.
Brice Englert
I'd suggest looking at Dominion Dealer Solutions' PRIME Social. The social management tools are newly launched so now the PRIME platform has all features of monitoring structured data (reviews), a clever way of Influencing customers to leave more reviews at the right sites, very cool SERP tracking, and monitoring and posting unstructured (social sites) data... all in one place. Many of the social tools have great and very detailed reporting on communities but the PRIME social piece includes a content feed that puts alot of information (duplicate content and original content) right at the fingertips of the user. The user could be dealership employee or a specialist from DDS and you have options of buying 1-time optimization, affordable monthly consulting, full-service managemnt, or just the tools -- all very flexible and can be changed depending on the dealerships situation. Also, if you have more than one store, it is enterprise ready. Naturally I'm biased but taking a closer look can't hurt. Good luck and great question!
Russ Chandler
Thank you for your insight Brice, seems to be still missing the content creation portion I'm interested in but sounds to be the closest thing I've heard of yet. I'm curious, as a stand alone product does it work well or is it only valuable if you have the whole Dominion package?
Brice Englert
I'll look forward to showing you our content strategy currently and where it is going. And, per your question, the design of the product is excellent for DIY or combined with other offerings... we paid special attention to design it so IF we understand your position and needs we can propose pieces or the whole fully managed kit and kaboodle (but on the latter provide full transparency). I look forward to getting you or any others a demonstration!
Chris K Leslie
Take a look at SOS.me It's super powerful, posting dashboard includes Wordpress plugin, splt Twitter and Facebook. Along with a built in URL shortener.

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