What is the most effective method of contacting dealership managers with a video-based sales tool that works fantastically?

Tiffanie Richard
Hi Jim, The most effective method of contacting dealership managers is relationships. Are you going into the dealerhsips are calling? Calling is least effective when contacting an owner or a manager. Going to the dealership developing a relationship is going to work if you can show value in your product. I would say Hi guys I brought donuts courtesy of XYZ and I am going to leave my card and some information with the sales managers (GM, GSM). We have an excellent product. Don't be too pushy on the first visit. Sit down with someone and ask them what are your obstacles in the area you the vendor can provide help. Once you know the void and they have admitted to it. They said they needed, you didn't.
Jim Barisano

Thanks everyone for some great feedback!  I really appreciate your suggestions.  I got a kick out of Ricky's comment, too.  We have used the "Sell more cars!" approach (Our banners at NADA even proclaim that haha!)  I'm an automotive TV/video guy still learning this side of the car sales business.  Thanks again for all of the great feedback.  I'm really looking forward to the show next month.  If you are going to be in Vegas and want a clementine cutie (that's our healthy chatzky) stop by booth 3307C and say hi. I promise I'll behave.

mark rask

Jason you are so right.. I get many calls each day and tune them out

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