What is your average Cost Per Click on Sales Marketing campaigns?

Jeffrey Green
We have a few different SEM partners and the CPC amounts are all over the board. What do you find to be the average CPC for general marketing campaigns for sales and service?
Chris K Leslie
There are so many layers to that I might suggest checking this out and getting certified https://support.google.com/partners/answer/3153810?hl=en
Chad Sabatka
There is literally no way you can lump or compare CPC from other regions and brands there are way too many variables. Someone from a smaller rural community or city will be way different than a larger city or metro area. Some brands (Ford) drive up competition & price by giving free adwords money to all Ford dealers. We see $7-8/click for a Ford/city related keyword, but under $1 for a similar Mazda/city keyword. We see $5-6/click for a used car keyword in one city, 100 miles away same keyword will see $2-3/click. However, across all keywords and campaigns we want to be around or under $2.50/click. Same campaign/keyword structure in 3 different markets we see $1.90/click, $2.28/click, $2.89/click. It's up to your SEM provider to adjust budget across multiple campaigns to generate the most, yet highest converting traffic your money will buy. If you have a 50% conversion rate on a $8/click keyword or a 10% conversion rate on a $2/click keyword, which would you choose?
Carl Maeda
Chad is right on. I just saw a report from Google telling me that the average Adwords CPC in the Automotive sector is $2.50. Its' probably much lower on other platforms like Bing. In general, a lower budget campaign will have lower CPC ($1/click or even less) because the vendor is buying only keywords that have higher conversion rates. A very, very aggressive campaign can be much higher ($3+/click) because you may be targeting people that are still researching what car to buy. I wouldn't be fixated too much on CPC. Look at Cost per Lead and Cost per Sale. Make sure you're getting people to visit you and that you're doing the best you can on the website to convert them into customers.
mark rask
Carl and Chad are spot on.......too many variables to look at an overall avg

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