What is your average CTR on Adwords & Display Advertising?

Robert Karbaum
I'm going through my Adword Certification courses, and wondered where the DS Community fell in terms of average Click-Through Rate on Adwords, and Display Advertising? Google is suggesting a 0.1% of Display Advertising, and 4-5% for Adwords. What are you getting in your marketing campaigns?
Craig Waikem
Robert, I will email you our Analytics.
Grant Gooley
It has varied for me, TOTALLY depending on the situation. Keywords obviously make a big difference. Example; We did a used car campaign and honed in on the key word "Used Cars" and "Used Cars Oshawa" (geo tag). Our CTR was a fraction compared to a long tail, model specific campaign. It really depends. You are better off analyzing another dealers AdWords accounts. OH LOOK! Craig is willing to share... AWESOME :)
Robert Karbaum
Craig, care to share some basics online? I'm looking for an overall number. For example, you get the results back from your campaign, what is your good, better, best number?
Craig Waikem
I would rather not. I don't want my competition to know how my campaigns are built and how they perform. But I am willing to share with a dealer I know like yourself! Did you get my email? If you have any feedback or questions email me.
Robert Karbaum
I did get your email good Sir. Understandable. My goals, and I mean goals are 0.25% Display and 7.5% Search. Are these out to lunch in your opinion?

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