What is your best voicemail to get a customer to return your call?

Michael Crain
Trying to increase our % of return calls. I am out of ideas. I started the internet and BDC answering the phone " This is____ at Thoroughbred Ford how can I make your day better". You would be surprised at the comments we get.
Rob Chandler
A BDC Manager once shared with me she would lead off by saying "this is ___ from Ford, calling regarding your 2011 Explorer. I can be directly reached at "Dealer Name" at 555-5555. She said leading off with the OEM name, and not the dealer name was a trick that generated more call backs.
Mr. Customer.........this is ________ from ABC Motors, your name came up in the Managers meeting today.........uuuugggggghhhhhhhhmmmmm very interesting, give me a call back @ _________.
Micah Lakics
My generic voicemail (which is usually tweaked to the specific customer/vehicle) is: -------------- "Hi [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME], this is Micah calling from [DEALERSHIP]. Please give me a call back to discuss your vehicle at [PHONE#], again, that's [PHONE #]. And don't worry [CUSTOMER FIRST NAME], if you can't get back to me right away, I will try you again later!" --------------- I find that they will return a call more times to avoid any future calls/messages, as they know that I will keep trying to reach them. Also it lets them know that they are valuable to me.
I like the intros @ Michael and Rob. Some good ideas here worth trying to see if they produce better results. As far as a voicemail message, I try to have my team leave somewhat vague messages, no mention of the vehicle of interest as they may have since moved on to another vehicle they are on. No mention about OUR agenda ie: test drive, appointment. We position ourselves as customer care and build up the value in setting and keeping a priority test drive.
Alan Fine
I see and hear of great suggestions to drive traffic into the store. What are we doing to improve the experience customers have when they arrive at the dealership. There is little I see in the way of improving that experience. I'm still hear "wood ya buy today if I could?"

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