What is your main goal this year

Shannon Hammons
What is your main goal this year in the realm of digital? Just curious what you guys are hoping to accomplish for the remainder of the year.
Jason Stum
Good question Shannon. I would say one of my goals is proactively tell the story of our digital marketing efforts to our leadership teams. Instead of emails and spreadsheets that don't always get opened (and often can be misinterpreted), I'm on a mission to use the results and data to literally tell a story on how specific areas are impacted by our digital marketing. What about you, what's one of your goals?
Dave Leger
Jason,,, Great approach. Numbers are great, but they often don't tell the whole story. Conversions are the ultimate goal, but branding and awareness have a part to play too, and sometimes the numbers can't quantify the long term impact or the direction it's going.
Evan Brown
Focus on Customer Experience from start to finish.
Alex Lau
To launch http://drivingpins.com. I was invited as a finalist for Edmunds' Hackomotive, but couldn't make it. I'm going after http://www.autoweb.com and their automotive PPC (new vehicle CTR) model. Additionally, finalize the first automotive marketplace on smart tv plaforms. Just the beta site (not even remotely contented) @ http://autostride.com. The true power lies in the Roku, Google Chromecast, Amazon Fire, etc. channel. One click to conversion, with pre-stored data.

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