What is your percentage of OEM website referrals?

James Altemus
A quick question for those of you who dabble with Google Analytics. In 2014, what percentage of your referral traffic came from an OEM source(s)? I'm defining "OEM sources" as manufacturer sites and any regional dealer group sites. Add them up, and divide that by your total number of referrals. Not looking for your traffic numbers, just that percentage. Our group includes three new car stores (different manufacturers) and a separate pre-owned store that is the defacto used car department for two of the new car stores. Last year, OEM sources accounted for about 81% of referral traffic for two of our new car sites, but only 63% on the third. I want to determine which number is closer to the industry average. Thanks, Jim
Robert Karbaum
We average less than 1/2 of 1%
James Altemus
So you're getting almost no one coming to your dealer site from a manufacturer site? Is this for a new car store?
Robert Karbaum
7 stores actually. Yes, dealer stores.
James Altemus
Both new and used? Our numbers get skewed a bit because our OEM sites are new cars only (we have a separate, dedicated pre-owned website), so we don't get much if any referral traffic from third party lead providers.
Robert Karbaum
Wait. I may have understood wrong. Are you comparing referrals from (for example:) Toyota.com to Your Dealer Site? Or do you have 2 sites. A OEM site, and a dealer site, and you are comparing traffic between the two?

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