What is your website's conversion rate?

Chris Johnston
We have a very poorly performing website and I have my suspicions. I'd like to find out what to consider an industry bedrock standard and an idea of what a high-performing website should do wrt unique visitors v. form submissions.
Lauren Moses
Following this one. I finally got google analytics on our website the beginning of this week after fighting with google to get our business page set up for months!
Grant Gooley
Many factors come into play here. SEM Campaigns in play? Email referrals? Do you have specific landing pages dedicated to conversion? Are we tracking phone calls as leads? (Some sites have phone tracking... If we are talking about visits to form fill conversions, 4 - 5% is a good goal to shoot for. An average I see in Automotive here in Ontario, Canada is 2%... Pretty poor if you ask me.... Industry wide we have work to do. However, Ive seen as high as 8%. It's rare..
Carl Maeda
As Grant eluded to, there are many things to consider. First is what you are measuring. What is a lead? Are you counting phone calls, chats, text messages? Some vendors will count views to your maps/directions page as a lead. In line with measuring leads, you should also filter out your dealership traffic to get a true measurement. Dealership traffic can affect your conversion rate especially if the dealership computers have the dealer's website as the default. Also, if you have an aggressive marketing campaign (SEO, social media, etc), this can lower the conversion rate since you are targeting people that may be living farther away or may be in the market for a competing brand. On the other hand, if you have a highly targeted email campaign or good SEM campaign with highly relevant landing pages, this will increase your conversion rate. One other thing to keep in mind is your area. A competitive area will generally have a lower conversion rate because people have more choices on who to buy from. This is usually a smaller factor in conversion rate.
Big Tom LaPointe
Two percent is a pretty consistent number we see among quality dealers that track well. As stated above, the ratio of SEM/SEO traffic to Organic can have a HUGE impact. Even the best CRM is subject to the quality of the data going into it. Is everything being tracked in your CRM? Also, how many REQUIRED* fields do you have. Demanding anything beyond name and email is a huge roadblock. How accessible is your form information on a VDP? Is it on more pages than just the contact form? Just some thoughts.
Chris Johnston
Thanks for all the responses. I can name a dozen things we aren't doing right but you might want to see for yourself. https://shawneemissionford.com We are a small family-owned dealership that didn't even have a CRM until two years ago. Our sales are falling steadily the last few years and there are a number of significant reasons for that. We have a company that manages our SEO for us but we are not doing any SEM. Our VP Marketing is the founder's son and is a little stuck in the 80s. Right now I'm just counting filled out forms. I get live chat requests and phone calls but am narrowly focusing on website attraction marketing. I had 3649 new visitors in December and got 15 "Check Availability Used" and 9 "check availability new" forms submitted.

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