What makes a great website?

Lance Rose
Ease of use? Layout? Design? SEO? Care to share examples of what you think makes a great site?
Kristy Elliott
Hi Lance - in this day and age I think that the number 1 requirement for a great website is that it be adaptive/responsive. Second, I think ease of navigation since the majority of your prospects are shopping on their mobile devices or tablets. Good luck!
Megan Barto
Remember - there's a difference between what Customers what & what Dealers want in a "great website" - think like a customer! Kristy - what is "adaptive/responsive" important? Does a customer look at a website & say "oh no - I'm not shopping on this website, it's responsive!" LOL :-)
Parker Lukjanovs
@Kristy You're spot on. @Megan You're absolutely right as well - think like a customer! And in regards to Responsive, did you mean to say "why is adaptive/responsive important?" The reason Kristy mentions this is because your website HAS TO be responsive in this day in age, because of the fact that a customer is viewing on desktop/mobile/tablet so that all experiences are alike. Not to mention that organically Google wants your website to be Mobile Friendly. A responsive website is the all-in-one. You don't have to have a Mobile Friendly / Optimized website if your website is responsive because it IS Mobile Friendly and Optimized for Google. Plus it's better in my personal opinion. Because you traditionally see a desktop website, then you see that same website on your phone but it's a Mobile Version of it. With a responsive website it's mobile friendly but it's your website. It's not redesigned exclusively for mobile. But that's my two cents. @Lance What makes a good website for me is the "WOW Factor." Ever go to a website and you say to yourself "damn, this is a good looking website." That's the WOW Factor. It has to do with being unique in your graphical design approach from Slide Shows, Banners, vehicle photos, etc.. That's what's going to make your website LOOK good. At that same time making it look clean. Don't have a bunch of information on their. It makes it cluttered. Of course on top of a Mobile Friendly website, SEO, Layout, etc... it all plays a key role.
Neale Martin
With the updates google is making, you definitely want a responsive website NOT an adaptive one. Showcase your inventory with dozens of high-res images for each vehicle. Make sure to have social links, only if you're actually engaged in social media. It's better to not use social media at all, than to just 'use it, because that's the thing to do now-a-days.' Your contact info & staff directory should be easy to find, as well as the ability to book appointments & fill out quotes. Most importantly, showcase the brand & reputation you've created for yourself. Also, keep the clutter to a minimum.
Kristy Elliott
@Megan - see below http://googlewebmastercentral.blogspot.com/2015/02/finding-more-mobile-friendly-search.html

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