What Social Sites Outside of the "Big 4" Do You Use?

Aaron Schinke
In addition to the 'Big 4-5' you at least have to make sure your foursquare is setup properly and monitored. If someone is willing to check in and share their experience you should at least make it easy and a positive brand experience. Other than that, as you know, the payoff of focusing your energy on doing the important ones right will pay off more than experimenting with any unknown ones.
Eric Miltsch
Great question JD! I'll add "your blog" to the mix. Your dealership/brand blog could easily be considered a social site. (Kudos to Aaron for including FS!)
JD Rucker
Aaron, that makes perfect sense about Foursquare. I haven't seen a dealer that has successfully used Foursquare for marketing yet but I've seen some that have a proper Foursquare presence. Eric, that's a topic of debate about semantics, I suppose. Yes, you can definitely get social with your blog and people can interact, but I've always considered more of a source for social media content. In other words, you put the long-form content on your blog, break it down to a smaller chunk and post it to Facebook and Google+ for the discussion about the topic. To me, blogs, YouTube, Flickr - content. Facebook, Twitter, G+, Pinterest - social. The funny part is that it doesn't matter how you classify them. I believe the best practices we'd recommend for each network and content site would be pretty darn similar.
Aaron Schinke
Absolutely. I'm intrigued at the possibilities of using the foursquare functionality/data in the 'analog' realm. Of course you can check in and get a 'special'... but what if someone noted check-ins at the dealership (presumably in service) and tracked that person down to give them something in front of everyone... a snack (home baked), drink, mariachi band... something cool where everyone could see it happen. I bet they'd (everyone who witnessed it) share it and check-in next time. Wouldn't have to be every time... but just enough to make it interesting. I know it's not 'automated marketing' so it's not 'in' right now... but this is the stuff that differentiates!
Jeff Scherer
Interesting subject JD. I'm still not convinced that dealers have really been able to get a grip on SM as a whole, let alone the big 4. The bean counters love it (although they are typically not marketers) because of the apparent no/low-cost, but few dealers I know really have defined a strategy for what they expect to get out of it. Lead-gen is not the correct answer- as GM proved- but is the easiest phrase that everyone can agree to. I think that everyone knows they need to be at the party, but they have no idea what to wear.
Mike Fox
Apart from the 4-5 major domains, I have been using Slideshare.net and Scribd.com to share my latest business update. I also found businesses using Instagram for customer and vehicle photos. We acn also go for foursquare and OCmetro to raech out more consumer.

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