what to do in todays world?

Micah Sapoznick
Business has been slow!!! I am located in a easy to access indoor warehouse located on the north side of Chicago. I have been purchasing newer off lease rentals, repos, and corporate vehicles. I am about to purchase special subprime leads with a 2K or higher income that claim they are ready to buy within the next 30 days. Any insight on a out sourced bdc? How to get more traffic to my website? Marketing strategies? I have all the banks lined up and a 75 car inventory? We use to turn 60 to 70 percent of our inventory monthly last month we did 15 cars... I have a eager staff we work the phones, prices are aggressive we have been on top of keep our reviews online to a higher standard... any ideas or company's that any of you have worked with that have been a successful addition to your dealership.
Jason Stum
Hey Micah, if you can provide the community with just a little more info, we can probably help you out a bit better. - Do you source all of your leads/sales? - Which source(s) currently generate the majority of your traffic? - Do you focus strictly on sub-prime or do you market to conventional buyers as well? - What online platforms are you currently using to market your dealership? (AutoTrader, Cars.com, etc.) - Are you doing any digital marketing? (SEM, SEO, Email, Social, etc.)
mark rask
Chris is right on....the why buy here info is so important....also why are you wanting to outsorce your bdc?
Micah Sapoznick

sorry for the late response I have been using cargurus, craigslist, autotrader, carfax and facebook. I don't seem to generate the same kind of traffic that I use to. I also run the used car department of a Jaguar dealer so I am no longer a hands on owner. The ide of the outsourced Bdc is to guarantee that all of my leads are followed up with and that appointments are being made

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