What to do when to many people are admins on Dealer Facebook Page?

Megan Barto
Who are your current admins and what role do they play at the dealership? There are many solutions to this - but first, it would be helpful to know the structure of your Social Media initiatives.
Shannon Hammons
Me, IT manager, 2 owners, and HR/marketing person. The problem is I am trying to get us on a schedule that will help us maximize our page and it is impossible with our current format
Megan Barto
Is the IT manager in charge of "end user support?" ie, "my computer won't print!" Etc...If so - what do they have to do with digital marketing? The less people you have posting as admins on your facebook page, the better. You want a "single voice" - it shouldn't appear to the customer that it's multiple people posting. Do the owners really post? Or are they more on there "just because?" Sounds like a tool like Hootsuite would be beneficial to you (or other social media management tool). You can schedule posts in advance, have all your people submit what they want to say and then schedule them. That way, you can be maximizing your posts. Hootsuite also has different "team member" levels. For example, a certain level user can create posts, but then a higher level user has to "approve" them. Your best bet is to stress to the other admins how important it is to create a unified voice, and quite possibly, in your situation, all posts should go through someone to make sure you're not double posting/posting effectively. Just some thoughts! :-)
Eric Miltsch
Shannon, Def. sounds like confusion. I would recommend trimming down the admin list, create a content calendar and nail down the "style" & "voice" of the content being shared. Most importantly, create a specific process for the person designated to respond to the questions/comments/feedback received - and be sure to include a specific tool for listening and getting notifications. One tool I like to use is https://postling.com/ - great for instant notifications and fast responses.
Bryan Armstrong
For many seeing their name as an Admin may be nothing more than an affirmation that they have "control". Explain your motivation for wanting a Single Voice policy, that the nuances of SM do give away the fact that multiple people are "XYZ Dealer" and that can be confusing, and welcome them to share great content with you for posting. That way the spin comes with the same undertone behind it...if that makes sense.

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