What types of issues do you face in your role each month?

Samuel Devon
I'm doing some research for my company on how to best serve our dealership clients, and I'd like to gain some feedback from dealership Marketing Managers, and Internet Manager in the Driving Sales community to further refine our current dealership tools, and to develop future tools. My question for the Community is what are the top 5 issues that you face in your role each month as a Marketing Manager, or Internet Manager? For context, we are an automotive dealership marketing and software company that is dedicated to providing true ROI, and high quality leads to our clients that are using our CMS, retention-based marketing automation platform, and turn-key customizable digital campaign platforms. Thank you for your feedback, -Sam Devon
Lauren Moses
Sam, One of my worst enemies is not having a set plan. How can you reach goals if you have no plan to achieve them. Also, Budget! I don't know an actual budget to work with. So When it comes to vendors and trying something new I just have to do demos, get all the information I can and see if it will be good for us or not. If it's not then I pass. If I think it might be something that we could use then I take it higher up until I eventually get to our owner. Give him all the info, cost, etc. and wait until I hear from him about it. It could be a day, a week, a month, or 4 months. There are some vendors on here that can attest to this very well. Also, having everyone at the dealership (sales staff, F&I, etc.) behind what you are working to implement. If not you are working for nothing. Alot of this going right back to good management approval of said changes. Feel free to reach out and we can talk more.
mark rask
Getting buy in from the desk managers
Samuel Devon
-Lauren & Mark - Thanks for your feedback. I can imagine that getting everyone on board could be a challenge. Do you notice any hurdles or challenges as far as customers interacting with your digital marketing, or converting to leads? Is there anything that your dealership has implemented that you find has had a significant impact (positive or negative) on your sales process? Thanks, -Sam
Lauren Moses
Samuel there is always going to be any number of online shoppers that don't actual convert to leads. That is just the way things are going these days. We see tons of traffic on our 3rd party site but not near as many leads. Alot of this can be overcome by simply giving all customers, sold and unsold, a quick survey as to where they found out about the dealership and the particular vehicle that they are interested in. I speak from experience on this one since it's something that we are severely lacking in and I'm in the process of fixing. As for actually getting them to interact with said digital marketing, well it's constantly changing but whatever you are doing needs to give them a reason to want to interact. Making sure online ads are eyecatching, well placed, etc.
Megan Barto
Wrong numbers! LOL Seriously - vendors who are constantly pitching their stuff. I get it you have to make a living, but stop calling me every single month.

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