What websites do dealers use most frequently?

tony c

We are a locksmith distribution company and we buy used keys, fobs, smart keys, etc.  I am interested in placing an ad up to reach dealers on a national level to increase our buying volume.  What are some of the commonly used websites that large dealers use on a regular basis?  Im thinking kelleybluebook, autotrader, carfax, as some that Im familiar with.  However I am an outsider.  Please provide suggestions.


Tony Cunningham

Precision Keysmith

tony c

Are there are specific portals or websites that most all dealers use?  For instance, in the sales process, do most all sales peope have to log into carfax or kelley blue book?  Are there a couple of websites where I can get an ad in front of a very large audience of dealer managers and employees repeatedly?

Aaron Berg

Driving Sales and Automotive news are hot spots for the industry! Many of the sites that sales people and managers use are web based software services that act as portals for most of the sites that you named above. I would stick to trade journals and industry publications. 

mark rask

Kbb is used quite a bit.....also services like v auto etc.

Adam Lee Herrick

Tony - buy a list and target directly. Feed that list into your salesforce or other crm tool and get your sales team to directly reach out and attempt to engage your dealer base as you would any other customer. Engage first with your best quick pitch - and ASK for permission to send them your materials then schedule your followup purposefully. You will not ONLY save a ton of money in ad spend - but will have significantly more stick/traction with dealers who might have an interest. Happy to give more insight if you want to reach out directly. 

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