Whats the difference between a Micro Site and a Landing Page?

Jacob Jackson
We want to get into micro site marketing. What I mean by this is building specific pages for our vehicle lines, doing SEO on them to get the to rank and do other marketing bring in traffic to them. The question is do we really have to buy a whole new micro site? Our web provider allows us to build specific custom pages for whatever we need. Wont that work? It can collect traffic and convert it to leads. I guess what I need to know is what are the pros and cons to building a micro site vs landing page and when is it best to use each? thanks for your help.
Brian Pasch
@Jacob I wrote a paper on Automotive Microsites that might be helpful to fine tune your strategy. You can download the article as a PDF at this link: http://www.slideshare.net/brianpasch/automotive-microsite-evolution I recommend using WordPress technology to build out your microsites because they are well indexed in the search engines, easy to maintain, and there are tons of free plugins to enhance your layout. WP hosting on services like GoDaddy is $50 a year so you can create multiple landing pages or microsites at a low cost. There are examples of Automotive Microsites we created at: http://www.seomicrosites.com In general, the more content pages that are created on a domain the better for organic search. If you are using microsites for PPC landing pages than that is not a concern. I hope this helps! Brian Pasch http://twitter.com/automotiveseo http://facebook.com/pcgdigitalmarketing
David Jackson
Hi Jacob, here are the main differences between a landing page and a micro site. Landing pages reside on your main URL. It could be xyz.com/camaro. You could have multiple landing pages on one domain name. So let's say you have 10 vehicle models, you would still have one domain name and 10 landing pages. Micro sites are one specific subject on one domain name. So again, if you have 10 vehicle models, you would have 10 separate domain names like www.TheNewChevyVolt.com and www.The2010ChevyCamaro.com etc etc. Micro sites work best when you have 1-5 pages of specific content. You can use these to drive specific traffic to them via radio, print, PPC & of course organically. Search engines love them because they are the perfect balance of SEO & specific content. Domain names are important, try to use keywords as much as possible. Meta tags are still important, content is king & off site blogging, back links, PPC are always good. We've seen micro sites get ranked to the first page of Google in less than a week and stay there. The other thing to remember is that mico sites are great for lifting your main sites organic ranking with properly linked anchor text links. Micro sites can out rank the manufacturers, huge automotive magazine. Sites, review sites etc. I hope this is helpful information. If you have any questions, you can email me. David Jackson http://www.FreshMicroSites.com http://www.FreshStartStudio.com http://www.Twitter.com/microsites
Eric Miltsch
@Jacob - Smart question w/a smart reply from Brian. Touching on his comment, the purpose of the new page & how you intend to drive new visitors to it should be asked as well. EX: Specific campaign/promotion w/time restrictions, a micro-site using PPC is an easy solution to deploy. If you're looking to do things yourself, there are plenty of low-cost resources available. However, I'd recommend leaving the heavy lifting to a qualified vendor...plenty of them within the DS community - Brian def. being one of them... Good luck...

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