What's the value of a Digital Marketing Manager?

Nic Mulla
I'm only getting 10 bucks an hour for the job & they think that's to much! I'm still searching for the educated dealer who has adapted to the new wave of selling cars!
Noel Gautier
Hey Nic, thanks for responding. It's pretty sad honestly a lot of them don't realize the work that goes into creating engaging content for one brand let alone 8 different brands that have their own individual identity and marketing needs. A digital marketing/social media manager controls the voice of the dealer. The majority of perspective buyers use some form of web based tool, application, or site before ever walking on to a lot to test drive or browse inventory. As a DMM it's your job to create the visuals and strategy to get those customers on the lot while performing reputation management, social media management, 3rd party lead research and procurement (truecar, edmunds, cars.com) and in some cases managing PPC, SEO, while managing all website updates and ensuring they are in align with manufacturer compliance. I'm my honest opinion that's easily a 60-100k a year position depending on region, experience, and so on. Honestly us "internet guys" should be billing these dealers as consultants or private contractors. I've seen dealers spend as much as 70k per month with search agencies who's results can't be tracked any further than clicks to their website.
Noel Gautier
And at $10 an hour I'd take my talents elsewhere.
Matt Lowery
Noel what you describe in your two comments are 2 very different positions. I would think their social media manager job posting is more just facebook, twitter, pintrest posting kind of position. In which I think their pay is fair. What you describe in your second post is definitely a upper management position and that pay should and I find usually is inline with the numbers you expected. What are the expectation of the jobs... Socia media, honestly I can hire a college kid to do a bunch of that. The person incharge of everything... PPC, SEO, Digital advertising (making sure it works with traditional advertising, website design) and is the social media guys boss... he should be paid management pay. One issue is in titles. We still dont have set titles... If you apply for a F&I Manager job, you know what that is, or Sales Manager, or GSM. I go by Director of Internet Marketing (my GM said make up whatever title you want), but there is still not a clear title for what we do among dealers. I myself answer only to the GM, and Im in an upper management position. The trouble is, most dealers dont know where to place up, and how to plug us in as it were. Also, I feel it is very fair for the Dealer or GM to expect you to be able to show and track ROI for your efforts. Would you pay $75,000 for someone to say trust me, its working? I took our dealership that was doing around 20% of our business online, to just shy of 50%, clearly documented and tracked. Owners what to see spreadsheets and clear numbers, and while that can be frustrating, can you blame them? If you cant prove you are making them money, why should they trust you? I take my lumps when my numbers are bad, and as much praise as I can when they are good, but either way, I clearly show what results me and my department make to the bottomline every month.
Noel Gautier
Yes, they are two different roles but a lot of times they are lumped together under the title of social media manager. Even just managing social media efforts, a social media managers pay scale should be higher. I'm not one to compare apples to oranges but, a corporation with only one brand to manage would pay the same 10-13hr wage. In the auto industry we have a lot of large auto groups with up to 8 different brands that individual is responsible for creating engaging content for. In my honest opinion each franchise should have it's own social media manager which can honestly be a part time position to avoid having to pay employee benefits and such. Yes you can hire any college kid to log on Facebook or twitter and post but is it engaging or of value to your customers/perspective buyers. If that's the case if your dealer has a receptionist you have a social media manager stick an Ipad at his or her desk and have them update social media throughout their shift by doing that you can effectively cut costs and the DMM can run small paid campaigns to promote content that really matters. Now on being able to track sales and ROI it is very simple but...a lot of SEO companies make that very difficult beyond "hey look how much traffic your site received this month". I might be a little disgruntled because I am responsible for all of the above tasks mentioned and I barely make 27k a year after taxes.
Matt Lowery
Ya, they are lumped together a lot, and thats my point. Its more of what you actually do. For social page postings and simple reputation management, hell you can pay a company like Digitalairstrike a grand or so a month and have a decent job being done. Its what more do you do that drives business. Im not familiar with you or your company, so I dont know your situation. I work with Wikimotive who handles my SEO with me... And you can bet that I expect to see ROI from them. I dont care how many clicks you get me, or impressions or page views, I care how many leads you generate that I can document sales from. One of the really nice thing about the online medium, its pretty easy to track someone through the process. Same with SEM. I would look into seeing what other areas in the dealership you can help with. Facebook is great for branding and keeping your name out there, but your dealer wants to see money brought in... so get into website design, maybe rework the templates your BDC uses to email people. How can you show that you bring in money to the dealership they wouldnt otherwise have. But ya I get it, hard not to be disgruntled when your check doesnt equal the work you believe you put into it.

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