What's your dealership blog? Share your link!

Brad Hensley
I am very interested in this thread. At my previous employer this is one of the things I devoted most of my time to however, starting my own dealership, I haven't had the time to dedicate to really developing the concepts and material for a blog. I am really interested in how some independent (smaller) dealers are doing it and managing it!
Eric Miltsch
I sincerely hope others are willing to share their blog links. Nothing to fear within this forum. And, if you're not sharing because you don't have one - then this is the perfect opportunity to get one started. Remember, BLOG also stands for "Better Listings On Google."
David Hensley, Jr.
We are in the start-up stage of our dealership but have went ahead and started writing on our blog in hopes of creating some google / bing rankings for content related to our city and the vehicles we will be focusing on carrying in our inventory. For me it is a true challenge to find relevant content and create any type of engagement that pertains to the used car dealer. Every time I post something, I think would that spur me to take action .... but as the genius Seth Godin say's "we must ship" so I am shipping for better or for worse. www.wespeakcars.com
Dustin Bailey
We use our blog a little differently. I use a wordpress blog to host PDF copies of manufacturer brochures. This way I can send a link to a brochure, that doesn't take the customer to the manufacturer website, OR send me to spam for having such a large PDF attachment. http://wkchevy.wordpress.com/
Eric Miltsch
David - thanks for sharing your link. The blog looks great. I also like the general theme of the articles. You've done a nice job of positioning yourself as a trusted car guy in your market, this will only continue to reinforce that spot.
Eric Miltsch
Dustin, cheers to a completely unique tactic. Smart move adding as much value as possible to your customer emails. Thanks for sharing!

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