Where is your Inventory?

royce dennis
Do you know where your inventory is? Are you allowing your inventory to be put anywhere across the internet with know internal controls? How many of your leads are swiped from your site daily? Dealers are asleep at the wheel pouring $ away on marketing with no oversight. Is your DMS/IMS protecting your inventory and leads? I can tell you about 90% of dealerships have no clue as to where their inventory is?
Chris K Leslie
Royce, Is that a question or statement?
royce dennis
@Chris both! Dealers should be asking themselves the question. My team is working with dealers on this very subject. They are not protecting their product and the results of lack of protection is costing them leads. We have been providing dealers with some real eye opening looks at how their inventory is being used to promote their competitions inventory.
Chris K Leslie
Ok, if that is the case. are you able to show them the leads they are getting from other dealerships promoting their inventory in the same fashion? I mean if I am losing to someone else than by nature someone would be losing to me. Right?
royce dennis
No not necessarily some of your dms providers are actually partnering with so many inventory search providers you can't tell unless you dig. More in a lot of these cases really could mean less. Do a search on some of your inventory vins see what comes up.
Chris K Leslie
I get what you are saying. But what i am asking is that if you are able to prove (hypothetically) the loss that these dealers are taking. You should be able to hypothetically prove the benefit they are seeing from other dealerships that "are asleep at the wheel" What I am trying to get you to think about is that you need to be able to prove your theory with quantifiable data and not google searches for Vins.

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