Where to Start a New Dealership?

Brandon Moore
I am in the final stages of opening up a new pre-owned auto dealership. My final dilemma is where to open my doors for the first store. I'm not sure whether to open in New Jersey and serve the NY-NJ-PA market or the other location is in Maryland where I can serve the DC metro market. I'm torn on which market will have the biggest potential for me to grow. I will sell mostly late model low mileage vehicles of all classes. Please give me insights on where you think the new dealer would be the most successful. P.S. Pretend cost is no object as I have budgeted for either location as I have already visited both. - Brandon M.
Dealer Apex
Brandon, Demographics is key! I was in the forefront of the auto industry running stores for more than 20 years until I became a Web site provider for Auto Dealers. Obviously you don't want to go into a depressed area if you plan on selling low mileage vehicles. The affordability factor just not there. You need to look at population in both areas and competition in the area. Which is going to be your best ROI in each area. What is it going to take in advertising to get people in the door? Internet presence will be a key for you to get known, let people know your history and and philosophy’s. Are there new car dealers in the area for you will need to go against them as well. Need help let me know.

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