Which is More Important: Social Media Marketing or Reputation Management?

Max Katsarelas
I could probably make a case for both, however, reputation management is more important. Social media can be an overwhelming task if it falls into one person's lap. G+, Pinterest, Vine, Facebook...that's a lot to manage and keep current. If these pages and profiles aren't kept current or up-to-date, some customers might be turned off. If stores can't afford to hire a social media manager full time, they should stick to just a few accounts on sites like Facebook, Yelp and Dealer Rater, actively managing customer questions/comments/complaints. Customers are spending hours upon hours researching cars and dealerships. They're going to come across a store's social media profiles. Ultimately, a vehicle's price is going to drive a sale but when a shopper is debating between two different stores, think about what you want them to see when they're searching online. A dealership with many different social media profiles that aren't updated regularly with Tweets about a sale from three months earlier and no responses to negative comments on their Facebook Wall? OR A dealership with just a few social media profiles that are updated daily with helpful shopping links and responses to customer's questions/comments/complaints?
Eric Miltsch
I'll take social media marketing simply because I believe if done right, that will bake your reputation management into the activities. Reputation management almost seems like a useless buzzword. I never had an official reputation management program in place at my dealership - it just happen as a result of the SMM activities.
Max Katsarelas
This might be a little outside of JD's definition of social media marketing and reputation management, but here's I think about the two. Social media marketing is speak first, listen second. Reputation management is listen first, speak second.
rechal Sophia
ya max is correct.... Social media is reach soon then only analyze, but reputation management is remove negative think first

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