Which Lead generation companies are getting results?

Tracie Costabile
Has anyone found a company that can really deliver quality, first generation leads and not just scores of worthless clicks from India?
Ron Morrison
Great question. If we remember all of the online shopper studies (Like Cobalt's, and CDK's, and most recently Polk's 2015 Automotive Buyer Influence Study) then we know that 1st generation lead generation is more myth then reality. Here's an excerpt from one study: "car-shoppers visit a min­i­mum of eight dealer web­sites, with some vis­it­ing as many as twenty in a sin­gle day." If that's true - and it is - then the 1st generation lead provided by any 3rd Party lead provider is the highly likely to be the same lead that visited or will visit the dealers' site and or see his inventory on a 3rd party site. It's difficult for a lead generator to know that the lead they have hasn't already been in the market visiting other sites. They make the claim yet oft times can substantiate it. Lastly there are some spifi lead gen companies that do in fact generate leads by communicating exclusively with challenged credit potential buyers. Hope that helps.
Tracie Costabile
Thanks for your reply. Have you heard about Dealer Leads? First generation leads through the use of geo and behaviorally targeted micro sites (everything trackable in Google Analytics) closing at a rate of 23% - 37%.
Jason Stum
Not trying to come off rude here Tracie, but posting a pitch-bait question just to promote your service as soon as someone responds is bad form. These message boards are meant for dealers to help out their peers and colleagues so we can all grow together. Vendors have always been welcome to participate in the conversation as long as they're adding real value (and many of them do just that). With that said, I'm willing to give you the benefit of the doubt and I hope you find DrivingSales.com as valuable a community as I do.
Tracie Costabile
I hear you, Jason. My apologies. I was just trying to gauge the awareness level of Dealer Leads (since we are a fairly new company) and/or see if there were other companies that were delivering anything of value in the world of first generation leads. (potential competition for us) Your response didn't seem to indicate that there were any companies worth mentioning, so I wanted to let the community members know about a very effective option available to them. No disrespect or underhanded tactics intended, truly. I greatly appreciate your response and I am thrilled to be a part of the Driving Sales community.
mark rask
Trilogy does well for us

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