Who Analyzes Your Data?

Dee Rawls
At your dealership, who is in charge of analyzing email/internet data and metrics? Also, are there any 3rd Party vendors doing a good job of helping your dealership analyze and optimize the data their products/services generate for you on a regular basis?
Ali Salman
Dee alot of GM's and Sales Manager's struggle with understanding Key performance indicators for digital marketing.
Sean Welsh
Dee This is a great question and is the main reason we started our company. In my 15 years around this industry I found that there is rarely one person in a store that can manage and have knowledge of all the reports, vendors, sales and marketing metrics. Some stores assign one manager to look over one part and another manager to oversee another part of the equation and so on. The problem here is the information and or conclusions are not consistent month in month out not mention what happens when we have turn over. When I worked as an Internet director I oversaw multiple stores and was responsible for everything you mentioned but when you work at a single or mulit rooftop location the expense of a director can be too much. The options are these. First identify who in your store has the strongest knowledge for each area of your reporting. After that build a weekly schedule for discussions on each of there assigned areas. From there each individual is responsible to make recommendations to the group to improve there part of the puzzle. The other option (and this a shameless plug) email me directly to find out how my company can help keep all of this information straight, consistent and your vendor's accountable to their results. Let us do the reporting while you do the selling. We are new company so check out our website(carbizdonebetter.com) for references or I can give you their contact info and you can chat with them directly. Our clients range from a single point store to 15 plus rooftops. The best part is we have 100% client retention if our first 14 months so you know where doing something right. Thanks for the opportunity Sean Welsh
Christopher Murray
The General Manager should manage the distribution of all data analysis. Having the BDC manager, for instance, analyze the internet data is like the fox guarding the hen house. A sales manager should analyze the internet data and then work with the BDC Manager to set a new course for correction if need be.
mark rask
We review our own data as a team.
Robert Karbaum
We have a Traffic Coordinator on staff that does little else but collect and analyze data.

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