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Janice Petersen
We are a small midwest dealership wanting to take our business to the next level in 2015. We want more traffic-website and walk-in, more emails, more phone calls and ultimately more good leads. We have tried a couple of different companies with poor results. I am new to this position and want to start fresh with the right company for us without the trial & error and loss of $. I am not expecting to re-invent the wheel just get it to turn in our direction. I would appreciate any suggestions on how to do this.
Lauren Moses
Janice, are y'all new or used? if new what all manufacturers do you have? Also, do you have A.) a website B.) 3rd party listings of any sort C.) do you have a CRM?
Ron Henson
Hi Janice, Welcome to the forums. A couple of questions I would ask in order to better answer your question. 1) How many leads are you currently getting from all sources? 2) What are the sources?
Jerry Thibeau
The best way to increase sales is to do a better job with the current leads you are already receiving. I've seen people turn on the ad machine and get nothing in return. Make sure your people are trained and you have great processes in place before spending more money on ads.
Shawn Ryder
Janice - welcome to this great community! A great way to engage customers is obviously using digital marketing. We work with dealers to send email marketing - simple "sales" announcements and more complex data driven engagement as well. Are you currently doing any email sending?
Janice Petersen
Hi Lauren: Ford Franchise, new and used, yes a website, yes to 3rd party and sort of a CRM - we use AutoMate and most everyone hates the CRM HI Ron: Last month we had 92 leads total, In tracking we are sure that lots of them are from Ford Direct Campaigns. Hi Jerry: I totally agree with you! I look at 92 leads and think we didn't sell but a very small %. Something is wrong with that equation. Hi Shawn: Thanks for the welcome! We do lots of email and social media on our own.

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