Who uses "Text Me" on Cars and listings?

Jasen Rice
Who uses any companies for a "text me more information" on their cars on their lots and/or on their listings online (or print)? Does it work and who do you use?
Russ Chandler
Hey Jasen, before I left the dealer last dealer I was with I had set them up with the Contact At Once chat software. Part of the subscription allowed me to generate text numbers that were specific to each location and place that number with the CTA "Text Us @555-555-5555" at the beginning or end of each vehicle description. This would naturally follow that vehicle to anywhere it was listed like Craigslist, AT or Cars.com. I saw an immediate lift in the over all activity in chat and soon saw almost as many text generated leads as desktop chat conversations being generated. You can see an example as they are still utilizing this strategy here>>> http://www.bartscarstore.com/web/used/BMW-1-Series-2008-Centerville-OH/9002894/ . I also utilized the number on banners in front of the dealership for drive-by traffic(passengers of course). With text numbers I found incremental wins across all my advertising add up to a big one at the end of the month.
mark rask
We have not tried the text me numbers....however we do real well with chat leads
Shawn Ryder
We are going to implement a text your number solution to provide the information and in turn automate communication based on that as well. This will allow for a dealer to put the short code and number on the vehicle / print material then the information is sent to customer. We currently have an outgoing text service that allows for users to send out messages based on the data collected to automatically send out a message. Should you want to trial, please feel free: http://link.dealerengage.com/c/join
Tony White
The question, 'Does it work'? I would have to say, 'Yes, it works.' Mobile Marketing is nothing new. It is just picking up and getting fine tuned. I have done a few campaigns through my company for a couple of dealers. The issue we always talk about and what I hear often is - "Print is dying". When you have to think of is, how do you bring print into the digital world. We created a print ad like a local print magazine like 'The Nickle' - CarTrader etc. We did a combination of items. We took the header where your company graphic was at and put a Short code. Text the stock number to 888-xxx-xxxx. Instantly the customer receives the OPT-IN text. This is done by law. Next they are sent the page listing (VDP) on your website. 2 minutes later we send out another text: 'This vehicle has an additional savings. What is your email and we will send you the private offer". Customer sends you email. (Now you have email, name, phone number and the vehicle they are interested in.) Hour later, another text is sent asking the customer what they thought about the vehicle. Etc... It is all customizable... We also put QR codes on the top of the header. One QR code went directly to a video that thanked the customer for looking and provided yet another offer. The Second QR code took the customer directly to the website. All of this information is traceable as well. There are a lot of applications in using this technology. You don't even have to stop at your vehicles. Put a QR Code, Text Code, Email Code etc on your business cards designed to engage a customer. You can also put them on all your social media, and advertising. (Do not put a QR code on TV. That is a waste. No one has time to get their phone out to scan that thing!!! :) But do put them on your Video's that are online. If you are looking for ideas, I would be happy to assist.
Troy Lerdo
We use a mobile software platform by Dealer Mobile Marketing. We now have a text quote button ( check it out at GaryYeomansFord.com) on our desk top websites that give consumers the option to get info by text. Once they hit the button, the consumer gets a quote to their mobile device with pics.. We get a lead with their mobile phone and the exact car they want. We get around 60 mobile leads per month and they are closing at 7- to 10% monthly and the cost is peanuts DealerGoMobile.com is their website...

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