Who's using video to market and sell?

Jim Britt
What video options are you using to market and sell vehicles? Why and how? Does anyone use video for the service department? Why and how?
steven chessin
WOW - that is some big question to answer briefly - but I will try. http://tiny-link.com/vl.asp?h=03114966031WWFGBE&l= auto sales 101 - rule 1 : people buy from people video gives you the opportunity to do things that do not translate into text - all of the personal powers of persuasion require video - trust - sincerity - etc - you understand --- check the link - there it is in 30 seconds or so - happy customer - presented well by a charming host -
Mike Stoner
Here's an example of what we're doing at Bill Pierre Ford and Chevrolet in Seattle. With this we know instantly when the video has been viewed and how many times it's been viewed. We get stats on percentages of video's viewed and lot's more. We can record videos once and use them in our CRM for any type of campaign you can imagine. Since we started using this product our closing percentages and gross per car has gone up substantially. Our internet originated deals are some of the highest grossing deals in the dealerships. Here's the link to the company providing the program followed by a link to a sample of what we send out. http://www.quickvidconnect.com then the sample video http://www.vidmails.com/playback.php?pl=NTQwMzNlYmMxMGFhYjZiOGI1NWViY2JiOTU5NjY5YTM2YzNmMj&crmid=1
Mike Stoner
Forgot to mention we also record testimonials and walkarounds we upload to youtube. We have about 160 videos uploaded and we have had about 55,000 views. I believe the daily average for us is around 400 views per day. When we up load videos we add some simple graphics directing people to our website and for vehicle walkaround videos we add a tracked phone number. We also have testimonials and other videos hosted on youtube embedded on our websites. Here's a sample testimonial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3VyROHhKnpE The folks at http://www.quickvidconnect.com have been a tremendous help with getting our video strategies in place. The video emails we send have resulted in increased traffic to our site. Google analytics on our sites show that with the exception of organic search engines the video emails are the number 1 referring source to the sites.

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