Why aren't you using Hubspots Free CRM?

Chris K Leslie
Seriously, why wouldn't you use this? http://www.hubspot.com/crm
Kyle Reyes
Looks too good to be true. Is it really free...? We use www.lessannoyingcrm.com - it's inexpensive and pretty damn good. Definitely NOT for dealerships...but it's good stuff.
Carl Maeda
Hello Chris, Correct me if I'm wrong here but Hubspot CRM isn't really free. There was something you had to pay for. I believe it was the contacts. You had to pay for the number of contacts in your database but the CRM itself was free. And they have only been out of beta for a few months, right? I have used Microsoft CRM and Salesforce.com and when I looked at Hubspot's CRM, I was impressed. The ease of use and the features make it pretty powerful.
Chris K Leslie
@Kyle - From what I can tell It's full featured. I signed up for an acct and am poking around right now. All the stuff is there and never asked for a Credit Card or anything. @Carl - Looks like contacts doesnt have any sort of limit on it. I've used both getbase.com and nuteshell.com and this looks to be a lot slicker than either one of those. I'd be curious to know how many people are using their dealership CRM more like a marketing CRM. When you look at all of the things you are using in your CRM is it very much at all and if a dealership was to use a tool like this mixed with a hubspot platform. Would the benefits of a hubspot / hubspot crm marriage outway those of a standard CRM with no marketing tool connected to it? I think it's a very interesting idea to consider.
Taylan Yu
@Chris From your tinkering, will hubspot CRM work for a sales team at a dealership?
Chris K Leslie
@Taylan - It probably could although it would take a bit to get it there. You would really need to spend some time setting up triggers, templates and docs. It isn't as "Out of the Box" as many dealership CRM's are. That being said, my personal opinion is that you would really need to re-evaluate the role of the CRM in the dealership. I think things like this are agile and can work wonders with the right minds pulling the levers. It isn't going to be as integrated but for me I like that idea. I like the idea of cloud based CRM in this fashion because that means it will work with a lot more cloud based software. Dealership CRM's do not typically function well with other marketing software which means we lose out on really digging in to some amazing tools that are out there.

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