Why Do Dealerships NOT Automate Their Monthly Specials?

John Goll

With all the automation software and agencies out there, why are a lot (not all) dealerships still choosing to manually build and post and maintain their New & Pre-owned Specials Pages?

Is this decision financially based?


Just the way things have always been done?


something else?

For those of you who craft your monthly specials by hand, can you help me understand why you choose not to automate them?

Marc @ Autobahn Academy

I may be wrong but from what we've seen, data providers and website providers integrate badly in general, for now. 

Like I said, I might have missed one great marriage. 

John Goll

Thank you for your insight Mark!

So in your experience they didn't have a good connection with the inventory feed and your marked specials?

or did they just not have good uptime stats?

Derrick Woolfson

I agree with Mark, its a travesty! The other issue I faced with my last auto group was the new specials not being available on the dealer level until the third or fourth day of business!! The OEM never sent them out in good timing. There were many instances where as soon as we got the specials pushed through compliance they would then offer bonus cash, which meant the email blast that was just sent out did not include it! Now for pre-owned specials, many back-end platforms offer subpar tools to load specials. It was a nightmare, but no excuse. I cannot tell you how many dealers do not have their specials page up to date! 

John Goll

Thanks Derrick!

So it's an issue on the automated specials not going up on-time?  my question is how do manually building/designing each vehicle special each month save time vs having your specials automatically populate on the website once they have been approved?

I've had success with automated specials pages on our dealer sites.

I must be missing something because I still see a lot of dealers just manually loading New & Pre-owned specials on their sites, and that takes hours to do.





Ricky Patrick

I don't trust anyone else to do it. 90% of our pricing is automated through vAuto and then we focus on tweaking the other 10% as our month progresses and we reach for our goals.

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