Why Should I Buy From You?

royce dennis
What makes your dealership stand out in the crowd? And are you asking yourself the question everyday you enter that dealership? Why should a customer buy from US? I have a buddy has a used lot in the rough area of Baltimore. His lot is probably 1000 Sq Feet he has about 40 cars pilled on top of each other. I mean you can barely walk around the lot to even see the cars. Half a mile down the street he has an inventory lot where he just stores another 50 to cars. There are 15 lots within a mile of him and some of them are 1 2 acre lots huge facilities bells whistles the works. My buddy averages 70-80 units a month every month. I spent several days at his lot just to try and understand how he does it. His site isn't that amazing his building is tiny nothing special and he isn't giving them away either. His competitive advantage is his Sales Team Top Notch - Finance Managers Amazing - Inventory Beautiful and stays Clean and Presentable Shows Very Well. And the biggest thing is that sets them apart is they Ensure the go the extra mile with every customer and then those customers provide Superior Feedback via Social Media and other reviews. So I challenge dealers I work with right out the gate. Why Should I buy from you? Your answer needs to reflect in what others have said about you. Cause if they don't I'll drive further and pay more and trust when I tell you. The other people are too!!!
Jason Stum
Great thought starter @Royce, and you're right - look to your customers to discover what your true "Why Buy" is and stay away from the standard "We Have the Largest Inventory" gibberish. Craft something that will actually make someone FEEL something. You dealership's reviews are a great place to pull out what truly sets you apart from the competition. Take a look and I'm sure you'll find things like I did in our reviews: "Frank makes me feel like he services my cars like he would service his own..." "There is never any pressure, and I am always impressed by Ha's honesty and compassion..." "Tamika is bright, energetic and very knowledgeable. I am so very glad to know that there are sales people that don't try to talk you into purchasing a vehicle for commissions..." I could go on, but you get the point. Look to your reviews to discover your Why Buy.
royce dennis
@Jason - Very True - Consumers are looking at reviews first. I know that the Better Bigger Buyers are making buying decisions based on best reviews and best customer experience over pricing. People will pay more if they feel your going to stand behind products and your commitment to service. They are also going to increase word of mouth which is FREE and the most Powerful Marketing you can get.
Rebecca Banner
Personally I look at reviews first then eliminate dealers. If the buyer is looking for a specific used car it is very easy to find one within a short flight. Fly and drive is something I recommend to people in one horse towns where there may only be one dealer or three Domestic dealers. I live ins such a place. No "AutoMalls" so I have to cast a wide net to get the best price. Why should I buy from you? Simply...... you have the best price. Everything good that comes after ownership to eventual sale or trade is contingent on getting a great price up front. New or Used. I got a Honda EX L w.Nav for a buyer at a $27500 Cap cost reduction on a lease last July on a new 14 with a $327 payment and $17.8 residual with a HFC low money factor They will have options well before or at the end of the lease to sell their own car as they will have equity and about 24K miles. Had to almost travel 1300 miles to get this deal but we got a dealer 200 miles away to price match the northern dealer. Local dealer would not come close. They had ONE and knew they would sell it.
Jonathan Dawson
I am convinced that people like @Rebecca are a growing segment of the population but still only represent the minority of car buyers. Price alone is not a strong enough "Why Buy" especially for a business as a long-term strategy. Any (and I do mean any) dealer that is always the cheapest, will eventually go out of business, and any dealer who always the highest will also go out of business. My clients are committed to creating an experience that is worth paying more for. The car is the commodity, the real value is in the experience and the facility for those who intend on servicing and referring friends. Consider the cost of watching a movie... what are your options? Free - watch a pirated version that hits the web at a public library. Free - wait 2 years from it's opening till it hits FX Movies channel $1.00 - watch it from a Redbox DVD near you. $2.00 - watch it from a Redbox Bluray near you. $5.00 - watch it in 2D when it comes to a small theater near you and go to a matinee $6.00 - watch it when it hits your cable provider and rent a standard def version. $7.00 - watch the 3D version from a small theater during a matinee. $8.00 - watch it from your cable provider and rent a HD version. $10.00 - watch it at a movie theater in standard 2D after 5pm. $12.00 - watch it at an IMAX movie theater in 3D during a matinee. $15.00 - watch it at a movie theater in 3D after 5pm. $18.00 - watch it at an IMAX movie theater in 3D after 5pm. $21.00 - watch it at a 21 and over only dine-in movie theater 5pm $24.00 - watch it at an IMAX, 3D, 21 and over only dine-in movie theater 5pm $29.00 - watch it at an IMAX, 3D, D-Box, 21+ only dine-in movie theater 5pm What's the moral of the story? It's the same commodity (the movie/car) but what changes is the experience! The difference from $2 to $29 is over a 1,450% increase in price for the same commodity. Obviously, a customer is not going to pay $145,000 for a $10,000 car. BUT will someone pay $500, $800, or even $1,000 more for a $10,000 car because they knowingly choose to because your "Why Buy" is compelling? ABSOLUTELY!
Jason Stum
Wow, love that movie chart @Jonathan. Great way to put things in perspective. I think my man Jeffery Gitomer says it best - "Differentiate with value, or die with price."

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