With the increased interest in buying online, what do you do to bring service customers to your dealership that haven't bought from you?

Sharon Hill
I'm just wondering how much you've seen of local car buyers buying online and long distance, and if you've managed to capture their service business on that online-purchased vehicle. And if so, how did you do it?
Linda Loepker
Lauren Moses
Sharon, I have to say that from what I have seen in just the time that I have been at my dealership that this is a really big lost opportunity area for dealerships (at least most of the ones in our area). I would think that reviews on your service department would be a great way to drive the traffic in to the dealership. Google reviews that potential customers can easily see when searching would be a main driving factor for me if I were a customer. Maybe push for reviews with your service department and spiff them if need be. Just my thoughts. following for now.
Robert Karbaum
If anyone has hopes in securing service business from customers who live far, far away from the dealership, they need to focus their attention elsewhere. Any retained service work from out of town/state customers would cost you so much in incentives it simply wouldn't be worth it. You may get the odd one, but by and large they are going to their local establishments.
Sharon Hill
Robert, that's not what I was talking about. What I'm saying is that car shoppers LOCAL to your dealership are ordering online, often long distance. So, how do you solicit their service business when that car or truck needs maintenance, if you haven't been introduced through the sales process?
Robert Karbaum
Ahh, my apologies. So the opposite. Service Advertising Campaigns. PPC Campaigns that focus on keywords relating to the situation. Or a Social Media Marketing campaign that focuses on bringing in new service customers. You could be cheeky and act like a doctors office. "Now accepting new patients!"

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