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Mark Frost
I'm aware of Dealer Inspire, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any others that use WordPress as their core structure. I believe there are a couple of others out there. Having a hard time tracking them down, though. Thanks! Edit (for future readers who're looking for a list): Dealer Inspire - http://www.dealerinspire.com/ Steering Innovation - http://www.steeringinnovation.com/ DealerLeadDriver - http://dealerleaddriver.com/ Dealer X - http://www.dealerx.com/ DealerTrend - http://www.dealertrend.com & http://cardealerpress.com/ AutoRevo - http://www.autorevo.com/ May Not Have Launched Yet: Fox Dealer - http://www.foxdealer.com/ For Canadian Dealers: eDealer - http://www.edealer.ca/
Jamie Ratcliff
Auto Revo is wordpress based
Jake Lewis
I would not recommend Autorevo.
Mark Frost
Thanks, Jamie! Jake, have you had a bad experience with them? Also, I was just made aware of Fox Dealer (http://www.foxdealer.com/), which also appears to be based on WordPress.
Alex Lau
http://dealerx.com and there are many others. There some decent plugins out there as well, meaning you could use your own WP theme and utilize tools like http://cardealerpress.com from http://www.dealertrend.com.
Jamie Ratcliff
Jake why wouldn't you recommend Auto Revo? We have been using them and don't seem to have a problem

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