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Chris K Leslie

Is anyone paying yelp here? If so.... Have you seen a decline in the amount of negative reviews that stick?

Morgan Hardy

We had been completely neglecting Yelp for a long time. We still don't get many reviews through them so don't see a benefit in paying for it. 

Drew Delaware

When I was at my former group we strategically avoided putting focus into Yelp - otherwise, it becomes another channel to manage and pay for. Same with other platforms that had minimal traction.. they want you to provide the content so they can come back and charge/monetize later. We focused almost all of our attention on Google Reviews, which had (by far) the highest return for our time/investment.

Arthur Bratton

I concur with Mogan and Drew, we respond to all reviews on Yelp (the few that we get) but we don't see a lot of traction in our area. We focus on Google and Facebook.

Mark Rask

We avoid them

Morgan Hardy

Is there a benefit for paying for Yelp reviews? I've had calls from their rep multiple times asking us to do so. Maybe that's how negative reviews get removed?

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