Yet another question about TrueCar sentiment

JD Rucker
This has been covered a million times I'm sure. I hate asking for further input but I've never really concerned myself with them until now. After reading an interview with the CEO, I'm starting to have concerns. Is this common? What do dealers think about TrueCar? Friend? Foe? Please post your thoughts. I think it's time for me to chime in on the discussion but I want to get some feedback from the industry first. Thank you in advance for your comments.
Chris K Leslie
JD, what type of concerns are you having? My personal opinion is that we aren't non profits here and are all in business to try and make money. Friend or Foe don't really play a role when it comes to business. You may have temporary allies but thats about it. They basically provide a service to consumers paid for by dealerships. Gannett owns and Cox owns autotrader. Neither of these companies could care less about our group of dealerships in Las Vegas. We are but a single line item on a massive balance sheet. It's no different for TrueCar They've found product market fit by being an "inside man" of sorts. If we learn anything from TrueCar it's that are customers don't believe a word that us dealers say. However, they will believe a guy who claims to have an inside line with absolutely zero credible information to back it up. "Here is what others have paid" is a powerful statement. I don't hear many people asking how they get those numbers. It's the same thing as or hotwire. Do you care how priceline really gets those numbers? Who wants to pull that curtain back? We just want the good deals right? The power of suggestion is strong. They've identified a personality trait in humans and are exploiting it. Thats what I see happening here. Being a tech company is also the "in" thing so its easier for them to partner and build out api's to other automotive related companies like insurance, warranties and service because thats what they do. They are an internet company we are a car dealership. I'm not for them or against them. I recognize what they do but logistically we operate in two completely different worlds and they are not my competition. Kind of like when Steve Jobs told Dropbox that they are a feature not a company. I kind of feel the same way about TrueCar.
mark rask
chris is so right on this

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