You Had A Super Fantastic Results Last Month!

Derrick Woolfson

I cannot be the only one who has had a vendor say "You Had A Super Fantastic Month Last Month" when it came to how a campaign performed. Much less their actually going through the reports. The idea that while you might have had great impression share and/or a solid CTR rate, it does not mean that you had many conversions (i.e. lead form fill or a phone call). At the end of the day, while impression share is very important, it boils down to "conversion" and the quality of those "conversions." 

This is not about "we need more leads," either. Rather, instead of saying "you had a super fantastic month" -  offer we increased phone calls by "x" amount. We need to make sure that we use a recording line so your dealer can truly track ROI, etc. 

On the flip-side, something we have to ask ourselves is - what do they even use to track ROI? Simply saying because you sold "X" cars we "influenced x" amount. If you are not recording phone calls, etc. they might not be of quality. 

How do you deal with this? 

Bart Wilson

How much of this is tied to expectations or goals?  It seems to me that if a vendor is congratulating you for high performance but you don't feel the same way, there may be a disconnect on what you expect?

Derrick Woolfson

@Bart, I think part of the issue is that vendors at large do not have set goals. Not saying it is their fault, though. The relationship is a two-way street. To start, dealers have to start asking smarter questions and/or empower someone on the dealer level - who the digital marketing directly impacts; BDC for example - and let them manage the relationships. In most cases, a one-time monthly call is not enough. But largely, the BDC Manager or Marketing Manager does not have the autonomy to make decisions with regards to vendors without *approval* from the GM/Owner, which could delay everything. 

Carl Maeda

You need to align your goals with your vendor's goal.  Make sure both of you are wanting to do the same thing and looking at the same KPIs.  Share a Google Data Studio report.  Tell the vendor that this report is the standard of measurement.  Go over that report each month instead of your vendor's report.  This is what we do with our paid search program.

Feel free to reach out to me directly and I'd be glad to show you examples and answer any questions.  Thanks.

Bart Wilson

Good call @Carl.  I like the idea of utilizing a 3rd party (Google) reporting tool to measure a campaign.

Carl Maeda

@Bart - Thanks, yes, its' important to align both the dealership and vendor's goal so you both want the same thing.

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