You Tube Channel

Christian Younggren

Hey all- Two part question...Do dealers need to have a YouTube channel? And what type of content should be on the channel?

Chris K Leslie

Dealers should have a YouTube channel I think. It gives you a place to put commercials to share to the website. Also, you can use it for 60sec walkarounds. 

Christian Younggren

@Chris Leslie-Thank you for the input. One of the reasons I asked is b/c I wondered what % of dealer used YT for walk arounds. You could put them up on your web site instead of stitch photos/videos. It would come in handy to send to internet inquires as well.

Do you know if most CRMs will allow to easily copy the link and send ?

What % of dealers do walk around vids on each vehicle and upload to YT?

Aimee Rogers

100% they should have a youtube channel.  YouTube is the 2nd largest search engine, next to google.  Google will also pull related videos from youtube in their search.  You can use it to help build your SEO.   Post vehicle walkarounds, specific features, how-to videos, meet the staff, commercials, local updates, videos about different things your dealership is involved within the community.  

Christian Younggren

@Aimee Rogers Thank you for your input. I totally understand and agree about the SEO. You work for a large group (BTW- I live in the Quad Cities!) so I assume you being a Marketing Mgr. your stores take advantage of You Tube. I do have a few questions though, who does your walk around videos ? Do you do them on all your new and used cars on a consistent basis?

Aimee Rogers

Nice to meet you! Our photographers will do a walkaround on every vehicle.  Our sales consultants and bdc are making walkarounds as well. 

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