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Joe Webb
Here are a few things that we see consumers and “fans” responding to, commenting on, sharing, retweeting, and “Liking” across the social channels. (In no particular order) Philanthropy and Charitable involvements Photos of new customers with their vehicles “Caption This” pictures Video customer testimonials Random pics of humor, quotes, or thought-provoking imagery Questions to engage (think Trivial Pursuit, 1st date-style questions, Family Feud, or hypotheticals in orientation) Reviews/Ratings from happy customers Service Discounts, Coupons – Not ‘sales-related’ content. (No “3.9% on Passats until month’s end”-style posts) Upcoming community events (and your involvement in them) Good staff bios Job openings Very odd vehicles taken in on trade (a 2006 Chevy Malibu isn’t a worthy vehicle to share on your wall regardless of the “low miles”, but a DeLorean would be). Interesting facts based on that date in history Service How-To Videos Very high profile OEM/Dealership updates that are actually in the news (with your dealership’s response to it) There are countless others (though, I recommend that almost no inventory is ever scene or discussed unless it is so unique, it turns heads.) You are a dealership so you don’t need to remind them that you have cars for sale there.
Eric Miltsch
Cindy, Joe nails it with some killer ideas for any dealership Facebook page. I had a tongue-in-cheek philosophy about the type of content needed for a successful Facebook page when I was at my dealership. Most of the management didn't understand why we were marketing ourselves there, so I came up with a "helpful" acronym: C.R.A.P: Coupons, Reviews & Pictures: That was our simple content strategy for our pages - these are the type of helpful, informative & entertaining content users can relate to & not feel put off by trying to be sold to while they're using Facebook.
Cindy Thompson
Thanks so much for the feedback! Looks like I'm on track with our FB page but could tweek a little bit more. Good day to all!
Eley Duke III
Cindy, we keep it simple with our page and try to brand out dealership through engagement with our fan base so they will remember our name. Here are some of the latest things we've done; 1. Community news - no politics though, events, United-Way, Cancer Awareness etc. 2. Weather post at times - we just had 3 inches and people go nuts around here - so we posted a radar map and asked how many inches people thought we might get. It got 13 likes and 18 comments. Other snow related post had 500-1,000 viral and organic views and multiple likes, comments and shares. 3. Fun trivia, National Peanut Butter Day was last week - we put $5 12 hour campaign on it just locally 7,000+ saw it, 18 likes, 8 comments 4. 2014 C7 Corvette launch - We posted a pic from the C7 launch and promoted it with a 3 day $10 CPM campaign - results - 104 Likes, 28 comments, 17 shares, Reached 10,000+ 5. We post our Dealer Rater reviews and we usually always get 10-15 likes and several comments. We just started a new blog and we will be promoting that on Facebook. We will post from time to time new models, etc. But those don't get near the engagement. Example: I posted one week, 1x per Mon, Tue, Wed, several service coupons, and vehicle post. 2 likes, no one ever used it. That Thu night we had a double rainbow that when you looked at it ended right over our showroom. I took a picture and posted it: 48 likes and 3 comments. Rainbows, Kids eating peanut butter, Corvettes, reviews, all get attention when done right. Not saying other dealers are not getting it right with offers, but we just haven't seen it in the past. our page is
Cindy Thompson
Thanks so much for your input Eley - I too try to keep it personal without over-selling the vehicles. People know we are a dealership and we obviously sell cars! My latest addition is adding a "Friday Funny" (every Friday obviously) that contains a funny, cool or unusual picture of a Volkswagen. our page is should you want to take a gander!

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