Your mobile marketing strategy?

Tim McLain
Almost forgot the citations. Here you go: 1 xAd-Telmetrics “Mobile Path to Purchase Study” 2012 2 Mary Meeker, Morgan Stanley 2012 3 Alistair Hill, On Device Research 2012 4 Compete, Polk and Google "2012 Automotive Buy Flow Study" 2012
Eric Miltsch
Great info here Tim, thanks for sharing these. In your opinion, what do you feel the most important elements for a dealership's mobile website? What's the key functionality needed?
Tim McLain
Morning Eric! Excellent Question. We find most dealerships who are dipping their toes in the water of mobile rely on a free DudaMobile site to get started: When they're ready to really attack the mobile opportunity and use someone like Netsertive to direct mobile customers to a quality mobile site, we've been impressed with the sites made by Dealer e-Process. Details here:
Mike Fitzpatrick
Tim, great information and very important today's internet marketing. I do disagree with: "Mobile buyer behavior and expectations vary greatly from desktop users." As we are watching analytics for users on responsive websites we are finding that the browsing patterns are very similar. The assumption that mobile users want different content is based on the fact that they weren't able to get the same content in the past. As you mentioned more than 25% of Internet users in the U.S. say they are “mobile-only”, so why would we want to give them less content. Mobile devices have become so powerful all they need is a site that is usable and contains navigable content. I do agree that we need to "adjust" the design to be more manageable for mobile. So in other words we don't need 15 ways to get to inventory from the home page. By trimming out the excessive images and links it makes the experience better. Eric, my two cents for key functionality. It is still important to have "thumb buttons" for Call and Directions as these are helpful for someone holding a phone/gps. Other than adding those I don't think we want to take anything else away. Another side note: Googles recommendations for mobile go further than just one domain:
Tim McLain
Mike, very valid point. Just got out of a meeting where we discussed the latest mobile results across several campaigns in January. We found that, as you say, mobile customers were converting at similar rates for similar calls to actions and ads running on both desktop and mobile devices. Keeping close tabs on your analytics on both platforms is critical to spotting what's working as search behavior changes over time. Mobile is truly the cutting edge of digital marketing today, and only time will tell if Google's new Enhanced Campaign functionality will move the needle for dealers.

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