YouTube To Launch Vertical Video Ads

Chris K Leslie

Mobile video consumption is now larger on mobile than desktop and YouTube is addressing the demand with a new vertical video ad format.

YouTube is the third social network to embrace the vertical format, following pioneering Snapchat and then Instagram. So far, YouTube was accommodating vertical video using the now-famous black side bars.


The news broke at Dmexco yesterday and it got advertisers excited, as they will now have the opportunity to occupy vital visual real estate on users’ screens to transmit their marketing message and connect with the consumers using a format that feels native to the platform.

As with regular formats, vertical video ads will be skippable after five seconds and users will have the opportunity to find out more, by following the link attached to the creative.

According to sources, Hyundai is the first brand to try this format, and when combined with traditional horizontal formats it can yield up to 33% uplift in brand awareness and a 12% uptick in purchase consideration

Amanda Gordon

Tha'ts crazy that just a shift in orientation can have such an impact on awareness. Does it lead to higher conversion rates I wonder?

Derrick Woolfson

 Chris, will the vertical ads work the same way as the 'full screen ads' where they play half-way through the video? 

Chris K Leslie

I can’t seem to find any info on it yet. 

Mark Rask

this might be good

Scott B

It's very good.

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