Youtube Video Best Practice Tips Needed.

Sheri Hudspeth
How are you shooting Youtube video's for your store? are you using camera from your phone or do you use an actual video recorder and tripod? Also what editors are you using? any free sites with cool features to add fonts and logos etc? We are going to start using more video at our store and I have an IPhone 6 and IMovie on my Macbook Pro but looking for input if there is a way to get a better quality/professional look/sound without the professional budget.
Jillian Marchewka
Sheri, Check out a bunch of Wistia's DIY video tutorials... They are super valuable and have taught me a lot. I begged and persuaded our owner to let me get a DSLR Camera to shoot video/to take AWESOME photos, and it has been the best investment. We went with a Canon Rebel T3i, as it shoots 1080p video and it is fairly easy to use (and has a nice rotating screen for shooting video.) If you shop around online, you can find "starter bundles" that include the camera, a few lenses, cheap (but useful) accessories and more to get you started. You'll be able to do a lot on your Macbook with iMovie without a crazy learning curve. I have a PC at work though, and after the camera not much of a budget to invest in Adobe Premiere. After searching for an easy to use alternative, I found Camtasia Studio ( by TechSmith... I used the free trial for a bit, but even after the $300 license tag was pretty hefty. After flip-flopping on trying to get the budget to purchase Camtasia, I actually did more research and found a VERY similar video editor called Wondershare ( that is available for PC and Mac. It is only $40 for a lifetime license and does a lot of really cool things such as picture-in-picture, green screen, spit screen, color filters, and more! It is really simple to use and I think is definitely more robust than iMovie. For audio I prefer recording it separately and not using the camera audio. I started off using an iPad as a the audio recorder, but it was too difficult to move while shooting. I ended up purchasing a cheap audio recorder on Amazon (8 gigs, rechargeable, USB) that is FABULOUS and I use a bullet condenser mic on a stand in a closed/controlled environment. ( If we are doing more active videos (i.e. vehicle walkarounds), I have the subject put the audio recorder in their pocket and then have them route a lapel mic up their shirt and clip it on their collar. When editing, I just delete the camera audio and I import the audio recorder audio instead. :-) Also, for royalty free music you HAVE TO check out the Youtube Audio Library... You can find a wide variety of moods/genres for any video, and download the music for free! (
Chris K Leslie
If you are using an iOS device you can download Youtube Capture it is amazingly simple to use and incorporates things like steady cam stuff. Youtube also has a free built in video editor on their desktop side. Here are the links to get started
Sheri Hudspeth
Awesome, Thank you for the responses! I will let you know how it goes...
Grant Gooley
Shooting with a Mobile Device is simple and effective. Spending thousands on professional gear is un-needed and the YouTube community doesn't care. Just one small tip!
Linda Loepker
following - thanks for sharing - great info!

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