YouTube Video Walk Arounds

Matt Lamoureux
What do you think about the following YouTube Video Walk Around produced by one savvy eCommerce Director named Don Erwin of Mtn View Auto Group? ... -walk.html
Matt Lamoureux
I agree with Don. For the time being it is very easy to optimize videos such as this one for high organic placement on the various search engines. At least until other savvy Internet Directors begin to flood the web with similar walk around videos, I would jump all over this.
Kristen Stanton
This is brilliant marketing for a pre-owned. This is going to be the standard in the future, and the personal touch of the seller narrating shows there's a real person you'll do business with. So, the narrator, in essence, is selling his or herself also. Building trust - and this can start in a video - is even more important with pre-owned vehicles. Wouldn't be a bad idea if the seller is personable enough, to include them in the footage with the car, talking about it, walking around, pointing, etc.
Larry Schlagheck
Fantastic! A great use of (relatively) new technology. The question is, how is he drawing in viewers? I hope he's pushing the link to his database, participatng in chat rooms, etc.
Don Erwin
well matt, thanks for OUTING ME!!!! haha, at least you gave me the "savvy" credit. no seriously, i'm not here to give away secrets but the response on ebay and locally has been amazing. we did a "tag team" walk around on one of the 2009 shelby gt 500's we got in, and guys, this "you tube" video is over 8 minutes long, and today we will surpass 4,000 views, it is showing up number one in chattanooga google organic searches because of the simple meta tags you can use on "you tube". our ebay customers are raving about it too and we actually sold our first car last friday off a "you tube" video alone. dad knew son was looking for a particular mustang, did all the right searches, found the video high up on the google search results, watched it, went to ebay, contacted us, made the trip to chattanooga and bought the car. kristen, you're right, for used, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video ought to be worth a couple thousand dollars in gross, do

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