Zombie Outbreak and Car Sales

Brian Miller
Looks like a great promotion Kyle, I'm going to share this one around.
Dara Moore
Great idea from a community standpoint! Couple of ideas to help with sales is that you can have a certain amount of proceeds from every sale from a time frame before and after the the event go to the goal of a new community christmas tree. This shows that your store is even more involved that just being a sponsor. Also you can offer a discount on the price of a car if someone brings in their ticket to the event.
Kyle Reyes
AWESOME suggestion- thanks, Dara! And thanks Brian!
Big Tom LaPointe
genius!! I assume you have all the social media lined up to complement the effort. kudos
Mike Jeffs
Good marketing plan, Kyle! Great way to get involved in the Community and give customers a reason to buy from you. Being involved in an event like this tells a story and shows your store cares. Wonder if you could have a zombie costume contest at your store or if they're dressed up people can stop by and receive something free? Or maybe something geared towards kids and make it fun? You could also reach out to local radio and TV news stations. Hope it goes well for you!
Kyle Reyes
Thanks a ton, guys. Yup - we're doing a big push on social media. We also put up a popup coupon that anyone who books a test drive gets a free tickets. We just added in radio pushing a sales event that weekend. Everyone who buys a car gets a free LCD tv and zombie movies (you know, you prepare...). As far as the media goes, I sent out press kits with a Public Service Advisory about the outbreak, a press release, an unmarked DVD with the "surveillance video" (and a post-it note telling them to watch it immediately...there's not much time). I also took a picture of the main anchor or DJ for each media outlet I sent it to and turned them into a "zombie". So far we've been in two local papers and all over the radio...with calls from three of the four TV stations. LOVE the idea of the costume contest. Keep it coming!

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