Ads on Car Dashboards?

Dave Martinson
Has anyone heard anything about how in a letter to the SEC, Google speculated that ads could potentially be used on thermostats, glasses, watches and even Car Dashboards?
Chris Halsey
While it doesn't surprise me that Google is looking into other avenues of advertising, I wonder what the implications for distracting the driver with such ads would take. If the cars drive themselves like Google is trying to accomplish then that concern goes out the car window.
mark rask
Sounds distracting
Grant Gooley
I wonder if you get a deal if you have ads on the product. I remember a few years ago reading about a cell phone company that was going to make their service 100% free. You just had to listen to an ad every time you made a phone call..... Never happened. Interesting though!
Dylan Graham
I guess if someone has thought to put ads on toilet paper...why not the car dashboard either. hahaha
Justin Grubb
I could see the very real possibility of ads displayed on the radio or navigation screens based on proximity to a business on the program. It would probably pop-up on the display when stopped at a light or putting the vehicle in park. I wouldn't want to see it in my own car, but if I owned a business in a crowded shopping center or mall, I could see some benefit to it.

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