Any Questions about the KPA/TK Carsites Acquisition?

JD Rucker
Hi all. With TK Carsites being purchased by KPA last week, I have received a lot of emails and phone calls asking what it means and how things will change in the future. We're obviously very excited about the tremendous potential and I wanted to take the time to hear from you, answer your questions, and give some insight into what this means for the automotive industry. Go ahead, ask away!
Glenn Pasch
Hi JD. Great idea and thanks for being open to question. For our clients who use TK platform, will they still be working directly with the TK staff to resolve any questions or issues or will it be a new team of account managers or customer service reps.
JD Rucker
Glenn, The vast majority of the names and faces you've worked with in the past will still be working with you. KPA is improving logistics, technology, and leadership only - the core that has taken TK to where it is today is here to serve you. KPA enhances us with a stronger infrastructure and excellent leadership team and will help to bring their best-in-class customer service record to the TK product line.
J.D. Collins
I am a current TK carsites Client switching to the new platform as we speak. My concern is that I have not seen any links in a couple months and was told just befor the a purchase that we would se a lot in a few days. Not sure if the two things are related but for two to tree months now i am paying extra for inbound link building but have not seen any.
JD Rucker
Hi JD. I'll take a look but they're definitely not related. If anything, we're ramping up link-building as a result of the acquisition. I'm sending this to Ron - thanks for the input!
Jennifer Schrader
Hi JD! Long time. If you don't mind I wanted to jump in on here to address that working closely with KPA during my employment with TK Carsites. KPA is an amazing asset to TK's technology and product. KPA is a huge advocate for customer service and providing the best experience to clients. KPA & TK Carsites is a leading company of superior ideas, technology & much more! I surely wouldn't be worried or concerned but excited to see much more of this new acquisition! I hope this helps. - Jen Schrader

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